Transformer Fault in a PSU?

Wayne S wayne.sudol at
Sun Jan 12 17:09:40 CST 2020

Fyi..This site has a ps listed for sale.
 I haven't worked with so can't vouch for them.

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On Jan 12, 2020, at 14:46, Rob Jarratt via cctalk <cctalk at<mailto:cctalk at>> wrote:

You may be able to rewind it.  That would be an "fun" exercise.  The
transformer "may" be a standard part, but I doubt it.  And what was sold as
standard 20 or so years ago isn't likely to still be available new.  The core,
however, may still be available.  But you already have a core.  And, you would
most likely need to disassemble the current one anyway to find out the
number of turns per winding as well as the size of wire used.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have no idea how to do this, but if I get desperate it may be my only possible course of action.



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