Transformer Fault in a PSU?

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Sun Jan 12 16:45:01 CST 2020

> > Can a transformer fail with a bad smell with no outward sign of damage?
> Absolutely.  But, are you sure the smell came from the transformer? Caps
> notorious for being more unreliable.

That was my first suspicion too, but I couldn't see anything that had
obviously burned up and I still can't now. I didn't get the machine apart
again after the failure soon enough to locate the smell unfortunately.

> > Can this transformer be replaced (see picture in blog)? - I suspect
> > not unless I find a donor PSU.
> It is almost certainly a custom unit.  It is remotely possible some
similar power
> supply might use a close-enough transformer.

Yes, I think my chances are low to get it replaced.



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