Old Nokia/alfaskop 3270 terminal

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 13:06:01 CST 2020

Al & Matt

Well I have finally figured out how to get into the off-line setup. There is a menu option that says "are you sure" when you select it so I didn't select it. 
On picking it you can select the keyboard that you present to the 3174 along with some other options. 

There are some (not very good) pictures here which I am sure I have sent Al before:-


As you can see its now really a pure Nokia product, so made in Finland.

I have added dumping the ROMs to my "To Do" list...

I was also told that the Cisco RFC also covers encapsulating Bisync but supporting that would be more work in Hercules. 
So a gateway might be a better approach.


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> > They have 122-key PC style keyboards with a large plug. Not sure if they are
> AT or XT style. A parallel printer port. Inside there is a M68000P12 CPU.
> If you ever pull it apart, i'd be interested in seeing pictures of the board(s),
> what they used for a coax interface, and a dump of the firmware.

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