Hello All - new member in the UK

salikmrafiq at gmail.com salikmrafiq at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 07:42:05 CST 2020

Hello all, a new member here.


I’m in the UK where I’ve lived for 17 years now. Before that I lived in


I got my computer bug as a kid playing with VIC20, TRS-80, APPLE ][  and a
mainframe. Presently I work as a .Net programmer mainly doing ASP.Net. Most
of the old hardware I had stopped working for one reason or another and was
binned – my Dad didn’t like clutter. So I’m surrounded by laptops and a
couple of older machines which used to run the network in the office.


I’ve started looking around for some vintage machines that I used at Uni.
Sparcstation, NeXT Cube are the ones I used the most. 


One machine that I would very much like to have is a SUN Sparcstation as
I’ve some old projects that I did at university which I’d like to carry on
working on (also to show my kids what I did at Uni) If anyone on here is in
the UK and has a Sparcstation 1,2,4,5 I’d be interested. If it has the ¼”
drive than I’d be interested in that too. SunOS would be OK as that’s what I
used. I am tempted in a NeXT but my project used X11 and a library called
InterViews which I think will only work on X. Maybe someone can clarify


Anyway, enjoying reading the posts and happy to have found you.




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