PDP - 8 Front panels

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Thu Nov 28 04:40:09 CST 2019

Hello Everybody

  After a two year pause due to my wife having been ill but now fully 
recovered I am back to starting making pdp-8 front panels again

I have some stock:

pdp-8/e (type A - vertical selector switch start mark)

pdp-8/e (type B -  selector  switch start to left of vertical)

pdp-8/f panels

As pdp8/f but no /f marking. - doing a /m overprint for it


I am looking for scrap pdp/8 panels (might trade for a new one), hi res 
front (and back) dead center pictures (panel on its own) and accurate 
dimensions (including holes) of any pdp-8 panel to aid me in offering 
the complete range.

PDP-11 ?  Not at this time but maybe later

I am busy at the moment with artwork redrawing.

The UK winter is not kind to making screens.

Even in good warm weather the exposed and washed out screen in its frame 
takes 24 hours to dry.

Then after printing each layer (up to five per panel) takes 24hrs to dry 
before another layer can be added.

Authentic panels produced the exact way they were in the '60s and '70s 
ain't going to be quick or cheap.

But the result is sure worth it.

Rod 'Panelman' Smallwood (Digital Equipment Corporation 1975 - 1985)


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