RL02 disk crashes and taking them apart

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Wed Nov 27 14:47:28 CST 2019

One of the RL02 packs I have did not look happy upon inspection, so I 
opened it up. Note that it's a little more complicated to take these 
packs apart than simply pushing a small rod through the holes in the 
back of the pack handle: You have to take apart the whole handle 
mechanism to get to the pins holding the pack to the carriage in order 
to get the pack off. I'll post some pics of all that eventually.

Meantime, pictures of the disk. As you can see the top platter of the 
disk has a number of concentric rings and a hard crash ring. My guess is 
this thing was loaded in a bad RL02 that promptly trashed it. Oh well, 
one for the record books....

Pics at:
https://i.imgur.com/phdLWUF.jpg Close up of the damage
https://i.imgur.com/yQnt8BJ.jpg Overall shot of the disk

Never dull.

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