TurboDOS for S-100, IMS or L/F Technologies

Jonathan Haddox new_castle_j at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 24 14:20:25 CST 2019

Yes, I was able to determine that the TurboDOS 1.41c disks which would complete my particular setup do exist and that they are in good hands, however I have not been able to get copies of the disks as of yet.  I'm hoping that patience will prevail and perhaps another copy will turn up or the copies that I know about might someday become available.  

The 16-bit 1.43 version that you need is readily available as 5.25" disk images.  I've got copies of them and they work well.  If you need it on 8" floppy, I can probably convert them using my IMS system to write them to 8".  Getting a system up and running is not that difficult, I can guide you through if there's any trouble.


did anything more ever turn up?
I'd like to try getting a 16-bit 1.43 running, there is a set of disks on ebay, but the seller has blocked me

On 6/28/19 7:17 PM, Jonathan Haddox via cctalk wrote:
>  Just sending a thanks for the replies from various folks on this list. I was able to recover a partial set of operating system files for my IMS/LF-Technologies S-100 machine from members who dug deep into their archives. It's booting now to a basic single-user TurboDOS 1.4 which proves that my hardware is sound. In order to get what I really want out of this machine, I still need to source a full set of TurboDOS 1.4 drivers (.REL files) from IMS L/F Tech distribution diskettes. I'll be around if they ever turn up.
> Thank You!
> IMS A645 Z-80 Processor
> IMS A631 serial/parallel I/O
> IMS A930 Floppy controller
> IMS A465 64K RAM
> IMS 1100 Winchester Hard disk controller
> IMS 862 User Processor (Z80)
> IMS 1081 User Processor (186)
> IMS 1120 Tape Controller    On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 11:55:29 AM CDT, Jonathan Haddox <new_castle_j at yahoo.com> wrote:  
>  I'm restoring an IMS - L/F Technologies S-100 Bus computer.? I've got all the pieces except for the Operating System.? I'm hoping that someone here may have a disk stashed away.? From the literature I have read, I would need TurboDOS version 1.40a or 1.41c from IMS or L/F Technologies.? I've seen TurboDOS 1.3 versions out in the wild from IMS, but the 1.4 version was greatly enhanced and offered better compatibility with my specific hardware.? I'd be much obliged if anyone can help.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
> new_castle_j? at yahoo  

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