Who changed the gravitational constant (Dec pdp11 stuff)

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Sat Nov 23 08:18:52 CST 2019

Yeah, it's kind of cool but takes up an insane amount of space. For 
whatever reason I kept it through the decades and it holds the VT52 

Now I'm wondering if it's worth fixing the LS120 that's out in the shed. 
I sold an LA36 about a year or three ago, the LS120 was a weird duck: 
It's an LA36 body with the ability to go 300 and 1200 baud with 120 CPS 
printing. It does *not* have the logic of an LA120, the boards are more 
LA36 and it does not print bi-directionally. Just really moves the old 
head *fast* and probably has a bigger buffer to catch up during a 
carriage return.

Maybe next year.

On 11/22/2019 5:52 PM, Fritz Mueller via cctalk wrote:
> On 11/22/19 11:16 AM, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:
>> https://i.imgur.com/7BwIwas.jpg
> Ah man, I'm jealous of your VT52 roll-around stand -- wish I could find 
> one for my VT52!
>     --FritzM.

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