Disposing: IBM Microchannel cards, for free

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Fri Nov 22 23:06:23 CST 2019

I'm clearing out some old stuff. These are free (but you pay postage) if anyone wants them.
Catch: they are in Sydney Australia.


Digital Communications Associates Inc. Circa 1985
IRMAlink  IRMA 2  3270 Micro-to-Mainframe communications
IRMA 2 supplies the personal computer with direct coaxial connection
to an IBM 3174, 3274, 3276 or Integral Terminal Controller with Type A adapters.

Includes two completes sets, each: card + documentation + 3 x 3.5" disks with code and drivers.
Not in original packing.

See http://everist.org/spacejunk/sell/irma.htm


DigiBoard MC/8e Intelligent Async serial communications board (8 ports) Circa 1993
One microchannel card plus octopus cable and manuals. Some manuals still in sealed envelopes.

In original packing

See http://everist.org/spacejunk/sell/mc8e.htm



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