Who changed the gravitational constant (Dec pdp11 stuff)

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Fri Nov 22 19:54:50 CST 2019

Normally my answer would be "no". *However* there is mention that 
changing 3 jumpers on an RL02 will allow you to read an RL01 pack (not 


So... Maybe. However right now I'm trying to get the disks up. It's been 
20 years, and my cables are not in the best of shape. One cable seems 
totally dead, as the RL02 flunks when connected to the controller (DRIVE 
0 and FAULT always on). With the second cable all lights are off and the 
drive spins up and goes ready, however as soon as I try to boot the 
drive goes to FAULT. If I remove the 0 drive selector and put in a 1, 
the fault goes out, however trying to boot DL1: gives the same error.

This happens on both drives with two different boot packs (old RSXM38 
images). So it is either the cable (possible as two pins were bent and 
needed to be straightened) or the controller (also a maybe, been 20 
years I might have another spare somewhere around here). I'll order some 
DeOXit, ohm out the first cable to see if it's bad, and try again next 

Never dull. On the positive side I saved at least one set of RL02 rails. 
So there is that.


On 11/22/2019 2:36 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> On 11/22/19 11:16 AM, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:
>> That
>> could be a problem if I want to re-load Cobol 81 onto this RSTS/E system.
> weren't RL01s usable in an RL02?

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