UniBone: Linux-to-DEC-UNIBUS-bridge, year #1

Daniel Seagraves dseagrav at lunar-tokyo.net
Wed Nov 20 11:34:55 CST 2019

> On Nov 20, 2019, at 10:37 AM, Chris Zach via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
> Gotta drag this stuff out and take a look. Oh and RD54's are *slow* compared to ESDI disks and controllers. Ouchies!

Can’t be worse than my original plan, which was to use a Viking SCSI controller and hack all the things to support it. Bit fiddling happened in the driver, in exec mode. I actually had a hacked standalone DSKDMP that knew how to format “packs” on it, but it was so dog slow I never bothered writing a timesharing driver for it, instead waiting until someone came up with a better solution.

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