Got it: RD54 formatting write protect solved

Chris Zach cz at
Tue Nov 19 22:13:34 CST 2019

Figured it out at last. On a BA23, the RD54 needs to be jumpered at the 
disk as UNIT 3, and I had it as unit 4. Thus the jumper needed to be 
between 3 and C, I had it one stake over between 4 and C.

Fixed that, did the format where you do not select Autoformat, and 
downline load UIT and you get the disk going tick, tick, tick as the 
sectors are formatted. Here is Terry Kennedy's instructions updated to a 
BA23 instead of a BA123:



# UNITS (D)  ? 1

Enter controller IP address (O)  172150 ?
What unit do you want to format [0-255] (D)  0 ? 0
Would you like to revector a single LBN only [Y/N] (L) N ?
Do you want to use the "AUTOFORMAT" Mode [Y/N] (L) Y ? N

Would you like to use the RCT - Revector known bad blocks [Y/N] (L) N ?

**** WARNING ****

[text about don't proceed if you're just kidding deleted]

Do you wish to continue [Y/N] (L) Y ?

MSCP Controller Model:  19
     Microcode Version:   4

Do you want to use manufacturing bad block information [Y/N] (A) N ?

Downline load UIT [Y/N] (A) Y ?

  UIT  Drive Name
   0   RD51
   1   RD52 part # 30-21721-02 (1 light on front panel)
   2   RD52 part # 30-23227-02 (2 lights on front panel)
   3   RD53
   4   RD31
   5   RD54
   6   RD32

Enter Unit Identifier Table (UIT) [0-7] (D)  ? 5

Continue if bad block information is inaccessible [Y/N] (A) N ? Y

Please type in the serial number [8-10 digits] (A)  ? 013284212 (use 
whatever you want)

Formatting of Drive 1 Begin.

[a long sequences of messages is displayed here, 1 per minute, showing the
progress of formatting and what step is in progress on which block number.]

Format Completed.

And Bob's your uncle!

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