Question about "Distributed" in the DFT name.

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> On 11/18/19 11:10 AM, Paul Koning wrote:
> > For example, I'm not sure anyone would call VMS an open system, yet
> > clearly it's distributed (VAXcluster).
> What is "open" in this context?  Is it open source?  Is it open
> communications protocols?  (As in OSI / POSIX.)  Is it something else?

It was a FAQ once.

"VAX/VMS" was renamed "VAX VMS" and then was renamed OpenVMS when the
Alpha version came out and it wasn't a VAX-specific product any more.

_Ostensibly_ the reason was that this release had POSIX API
compliance, and a bunch of POSIX tools, optionally available free of
charge -- I think that before that, this cost extra.

Really, I cynically suspect it's because just the 3 letters wasn't
enough to trademark. After all VAX is probably better known as a brand
of vacuum cleaner, outside of old-timer IT circles.

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