Conitec GRIP and GRIP-Color

Holm Tiffe holm at
Tue Nov 19 04:10:42 CST 2019

Hi all,

Some time ago I've got from a friend a defective ECB Bus Card named
GRIP-4, that's a ancient Z80 based graphic display controller Card
using the MC6845/HD6345 CRT Controller made by the (still existing)
german Company Conitec in the 80s.
Additional I've got an empty extension PCB called Grip-Color..the for
color needed Memory, shift and palette registers.

I've phoned the CEO from Conitec in the meantime and he will send the
paperwork regarding the GRIP-4 that he still could find to me for
scanning, unfortunately he couldn't find anything for the Grip-Color card.

I have a running ECB bus system with an REH-CPU280, an Z280 based System
that could run CP/M-3 and UZI280, has an FDC on board and an IDE Interface
with an 128MB Flash disk, I whish to extend that with the GRIP Cards..

Is here someone that could please provide some Information related to the
Grip-Color Card? I think I've repaired the GRIP-4 in the meantime (still
have to connect an CRT, just replaced the FBT [different Model and
Make] in the Monitor that I want to connect), but the oscillograms are
looking good.
I whish complete the Grip-Color card, any helpful information is welcome,
even a picture where I can see which ICs are soldered in.

Thanks in Advance,

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