3270 controller simulation

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> I find it interesting that the field of comms interoperability with IBM mainframes was huge up until TCP/IP
> took over, and all traces of the software implementations have disappeared or were consolidated into a couple
> like Micro Focus.

The golden years of Software Results and COMBOARDs were 1982-1986,
perhaps a little later, but not much.  By early 1989, we really didn't
have many board sales, just maintenance contracts for the existing
customer base and an occasional upgrade sale (Unibus->VAXBI or
Unibus-Qbus).  By 1994, there weren't that many customers left on
maintenance.  The last contract expired around February 1995.

We did have a last breath of demand in the early 90s that garnered a
tiny handful of sales - when EDI began to take hold, one of the
standard transport models was 3780 to an IBM service that essentially
took care of delivery in the fashion of an ISP.  If you wanted to use
that network, you needed _a_ product that would move files using sync
modems and the 3780 protocol.  There were a couple of PC products that
could do it, and we were one of the last companies still in the Bisync
space for minicomputers.

After EDI moved to TCP/IP, that was all over.

But in the early 80s, we made a few million dollars getting PDP-11s
and VAXen to interoperate with IBM mainframes.  At that time, lots of
large companies needed it, then fairly quickly nobody needed it.


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