3270 controller simulation

Matt Burke matt at 9track.net
Mon Nov 18 19:06:55 CST 2019

On 18/11/2019 17:52, Grant Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> Am I understanding you correctly to mean that Hercules itself has some
> DLSw functionality?
Not in the current release. These are some modifications I've made to
comm3705.c to add DLSw support. When used in conjunction with a Cisco
router and a WAN card such as WIC-2T it essentially gives an SDLC port
that can be accessed over IP. This means that no special hardware is
required in the system running Hercules. Also I don't have to worry
about the SDLC protocol as that is handled by the router. I just
transfer SNA packets between VTAM and the 3174.

I went down this route because I wanted to connect real 3270 terminals
to Hercules, however finding a 3174 with Token Ring or Ethernet proved
to be very difficult (or expensive). I was able to to get a 3174-91R
though so I decided to code my way around the problem :)

For the question regarding 515x terminal emulation that should be
possible using this setup (in reverse). You can send whatever you want
over the DLSw/SDLC link, it doesn't have to be SNA.


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