3270 controller simulation

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> > Anyone aware of any effort to emulate 515x terminal sessions on a
> > Midrange system over one of the standard SDLC serial ports?
> sounds painful
> do you mean over a twinax port?
> I was just thinking I don't think I've seen the equivalent of the CUT spec for
> twinax There was firmware and cards that existed for the National DP8344 that
> supported CUT and twinax but I've never been able to find a copy.
Whilst not what you are looking for some one has been working on supporting CISCO SDLC encapsulation in Hercules.
So this allows real 3270's to connect to Hercules from a 3174 with only SDLC ports by going via a CISCO router with an SDLC port.
I wonder if you could do the reverse. So go TN5250 into a Cisco and then emerge as SDLC....


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