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Fri Nov 15 11:25:41 CST 2019

Greetings folks


The past few years I’ve become fairly focused on a particular old 1999/2000 ww2 fps computer game. Of course playing it but I’m also on the development team for the game (EA has given up on it, but we still put out new releases, maps, patches, etc.). As a result of that, I pretty much live on Discord text/audio chat these days. If you send me an email I will eventually see it and may even respond heh. But if you send me anything on Discord I’m going to see it immediately. If any of you are on discord, I am “Todesengel#9624”. Feel free to add me as a friend and that way you can get me usually immediately. I am not leaving the hobby, nor am I saying not to email me at the usual address. But a lot of you do talk to me semi-frequently and I’m just saying discord will get to me far quicker.


In addition, mostly as an exercise to see how to do it, I set up a ClassicCMP discord server. That Discord server is NOT meant to replace this list, nor should it be taken to signal any less commitment on my part to keeping this list running. They are fundamentally different things; Discord is great for real time text chat back and forth. There are also audio and video channels if people want to use that to talk verbally or via video. To get on that server, here is a semi-permanent invite: https://discord.gg/U8Skw5g  Joining the server gets you to all the other folks who may join the classiccmp discord, not just me. Of course, that could be zero 😊 Like I said, I just did it as an exercise, and discord is how some of my family and friends stay in touch. But it is there if peeps want to use it.


I’d rather not turn this into a long debate of whether discord is good or bad or anything like that. I’m just saying it’s there, and it’s quicker to get ahold of me that way at times.











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