Quantum 2080 and 540 service manuals

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Nov 15 14:29:05 CST 2019

On 11/15/19 10:51 AM, allison via cctalk wrote:

> I must have about 15 maybe more of the D540s and have found them
> to be the fastest seeking of the MFM drives and also near unbreakable.
> The oldest is about 36 years old.  Use them in CP/M crates, DOS boxen,
> PDP-11s (with RQDX2/3 controllers) and  Local swap for net booted
> uVAX2000 and swap file disks on uVAXII (61K blocks is more than
> enough swap space) for VMS5.44.
> I've not had stiction problems... likely because I have spares!
> Its a Murphy's law thing.

The Q540 that gets used is mounted on its side in an old Mad Intelligent
Systems box with an XT clone inside.  I don't think it's stiction; the
drive spins up fine, but the initial seek fails until I cycle power a
couple of times or tap the side of the drive with a screwdriver handle.

It's of no real consequence; the contents are backed up and I have a
spare XT-IDE drive if needed.  The FH MFM drives that I've owned have
slowly failed; the FH ESDI and SCSI drives have, interestingly all
continued to work.


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