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With permission, I’m forwarding this email about a Xerox 820-II that’s available in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  (I live in Regina, and know Steven.)


Feel free to contact him directly.  He’s also available by IRC; email me directly for server details.




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My dad worked at Xerox for over 20 years here in Regina.  A former co-worker of his called him to see if he knew anyone who might be interested in taking ownership of a Xerox 820 he has.


Still works apparently.


Specs can be found here: 


 He sent along the following information:


This is a xerox 820 II antique, black & white screen, 8” HD and a dual 8” floppy unit, has the 8 and 16 bit intel processors.
If one was interested in playing with the old stuff.
Tried to give it to Western Development museum but they only want stuff that relates to Saskatchewan.
Oh yes it is a com base operating system  



He mentioned it comes with a pile of software as well.


Picture sent isn't very good but here it is:



If anyone is interested please let me know. If anybody knows of a person or institution who may be interested, please let me know.



Steven Brown


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