Question about modems

alan at alan at
Thu Nov 14 08:51:38 CST 2019

On 2019-11-13 09:17, geneb via cctalk wrote:

> Jim, I'd try reaching out to Dale Heatherington...

Dale generally keeps to himself and rarely talks shop outside of the 
context of telecommunication discussions - which he also avoids.  I've 
asked him if he would like to speak at VCF-SE a couple times but he's 
always replied he doesn't do public speaking.  The few times I've 
brought up modems, he's (maybe coyly) pointed out at this point in time, 
others would be a far better resource.  He has started to attend the 
show at least.  I've seen him at the last 2 VCF-SEs.  But he never 
interacted with any of the 4-5 telecom/modem exhibitors to my knowledge.


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