Looking for documentation for VAX-11/730 ENKCC Diagnostic

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Wed Nov 13 11:21:04 CST 2019

Sure.  Works for me.  There are, in all, likely well over 1000 fiche,
maybe even more than 2000.  Many fiche have multiple documents on them
(e.g. module documents), some have more than one fiche to a document
(e.g. diagnostic listings).

All told, in their boxes and envelopes, 25lbs or more, so maybe 30-35lbs
shipped.  The first two listed below are in wooden boxes, the second two
in DEC-supplied plastic "index card" type boxes.  The DEC-O-LOGs are in
list DEC-supplied plastic flip front boxes, and the listings are in
plain brown envelopes.

FYI, if I recall correctly these originated from the Univ. of Wisconsin
Instrumentation Systems Center (ISC).  I know that I obtained them via
the UW SWAP (Suplus With A Purpose) program at least from a paperwork
standpoint, but I don't know that I recorded exactly where they originated.

Some questions:

1)  Would you want me to sort/curate them first, or just send the boxes?
    (i.e., check for duplicates, sort, etc.  Quite a few hours of work -
    Probably more than 40.)

2a) I am assuming you would send them back to me at some point.
However, I also have to say that if the scans are good, I could not
expect to find a better home for them than the LCM.  Would you want to
keep them at the LCM?

2b) How long might it take you if you want multiple sets and expect to
return them.  If really short, I could send them all.  If longer, maybe
one set at a time.)

3)  I have several sets.  Which of them would you want to scan?

All are from the DEC Maintenance Documentation Service (MDS)

LEVAX - 000016  (VAXen and associated peripherals)  Circa 1982-1986
   Probably around 600 fiche.
   Index, Bulletins, Hardware Manuals, Ill. Parts Breakdown,
   PM (not sure what this is, only one: RA60 to RL01/02,
   Diagnostics (VAXen and associated peripherals)
   Wirelist (DR11-B only),
   Technical Information,  Module Assembly (pwr supplies, cards, etc.)
   A bunch of update bulletins (would take time to go through and
   insert/replace in their proper homes - though these may be the
   replaced ones removed - hard to tell.)

PDP11 - 001926  (PDP11 and associated peripherals)  Circa 1980-1985
   Probably around 500 fiche
   A few Ill. Parts Breakdown,
   Almost all the rest are diagnostics

I wonder if the above two boxes were merged or partially merged.

HTERM - 000146  (Hardcopy terminals?)   Circa 1974-1985
   Maybe 100-200 fiche
   Index, Bulletins, Hardware Manuals, Ill. Parts Breakdown,
   Diagnostics, Wire Lists, Technical Information,
   Module Assembly, Misc "General" documents,
   Update bulletins (much like the Vax one)

VTERM - 000171 (Video Terminals?)  Circa 1974-1985
   Probably 100 or so fiche.
   A couple of odd manuals up front (KW11L, DR11-K, A/D cards,
   TM & TU Diagnostics, Index, Bulletins, Hardware manuals,
   Ill. Parts Breakdown, Diagnostics, Wirelist,
   Technical Information, Module Assembly,
   Misc "General" documents, Update bulletins.

MFDOL - 17  MDS DEC-O-LOG  Less than 50 fiche
MFDOL - 18  MDS DEC-O-LOG  Less than 50 fiche

(DEC-O-LOGS appear to be mostly field change order documents and spare
parts lists.)

AH-H159C-SE  VAX/VMS V3.0 SRC LST MCRF (About 100 Fiche)
AH-N471A-SE  VAX/VMS V3.1 SRC LST MCRF (About 25 fiche)
AH-P762A-SE  VAX/VMS V3.2 SRC LST MCRF (About 25 fiche)
AH-V324A-SE  VAX/VMS V3.3 SRC LST MCRF (About 25 fiche)
AH-W742A-SE  VAX/VMS V3.4 SRC LST MCRF (About 25 fiche)
AH-Y852A-SE  VAX/VMS V3.5 SRC LST MCRF (About 25 fiche)
AH-CK92A-SE  VAX/VMS V3.7 SRC LST MCRF (Less than 25 fiche)
AH-FY84A-SE  VAX/VMS V4.2 SRC LST MCRF (About 100 Fiche)
AH-GZ64A-SE  VAX/VMS V4.3 SRC LST MCRF (About 25 fiche)
AH-HP48A-SE  VAX/VMS V4.4 SRC LST MCRF (About 200 Fiche)

On 11/13/2019 12:02 AM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 12:18 PM Jay Jaeger <cube1 at charter.net
> <mailto:cube1 at charter.net>> wrote:
>     Fiche - I have no ready way to scan them.  Hundreds (in several
>     different DEC groupings).  Not likely anytime soon.
> If you're willing to send them out, the LCM would be happy to scan them
> and get the scans off to Al, etc.
> Thanks again,
> Josh

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