Question about modems

Jim Brain brain at
Wed Nov 13 11:17:07 CST 2019

On 11/13/2019 7:47 AM, Alexandre Souza via cctalk wrote:
> Jim, its a long time I don't use it, but I've used other 
> configurations beyond 8N1 and I remember when you put the modem in 7E1 
> it mirrored the configuration of the other side. If you had a vax with 
> a 2400 7E1 port, you gotta have in the terminal 2400 7E1

Yeah, I agree with your statement, but I am wondering what happened if 
you "mismatched" things.  Did the AT commands continue to work, but the 
raw data was sent out to the other side, or did it silently try to adapt?


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