WANTED: iSBC-202 microcode image

F.Ulivi fulivi at tiscali.it
Wed Nov 13 02:45:57 CST 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm planning to expand my MAME-based emulation of Intel MDS-II systems 
with the support for double-density floppy disks. In particular, I'm 
thinking of emulating the isbc202 floppy controller because its 
architecture looks very interesting. This board was based on Intel's own 
3000-series bit-slices.
A necessary step for this work is finding the image of the 4 
microprogram PROMs on the controller board. Has anyone on this list ever 
dumped these memories, please? Can you share the binary images with me? 
Of course, I'm going to properly credit you in the emulator sources. 
AFAIK this would be the first emulation of a Intel 3000 system.

A side question: do you happen to know if the Intel CROMIS assembler for 
3000 series has ever been preserved somewhere on the Net? The manual 
says it was provided to user as a set of FORTRAN IV sources.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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