David Gesswein djg at
Thu Nov 14 17:24:05 CST 2019

On Mon, Nov 11, 2019 at 12:27:29AM -0600, Eric Moore wrote:
> Hello, I have a working AED WINC08 drive, which is a winchester drive
> emulated to look like an RL02, along with the qbus controller card.
> The winchester drive itself is a fujitsu M2302B. One of the disks (it shows
> up as 2 10MB volumes in RT-11) is having write issues. How can I find a
> replacement disk drive in working order? The 2302b has a shugart compatible
> interface, so should any shugart compatible 8" winchester drive work in the
> aed winc08 rl02 emulator?

I looked at the Fujitsu brochures on bitsavers for this drive. It looks
like it is SA4000 type with internal data separator so you will need
to find that type of disk. I have no actual experience with it to know how
picky it was about the disk and what the low level format routines support 
if you have them. It won't work with my emulator since it only supports
SA1000 type drives with the data separator in the controller.

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