Mac 3.5" floppies for anyone who wants them

Geoff Reed geoffr at
Mon Nov 11 03:17:17 CST 2019

Has anyone claimed these? This just came across my email.

On 10/20/19, 11:39 AM, "cctalk on behalf of David via cctalk" <cctalk-bounces at on behalf of cctalk at> wrote:

    A collection just came to me. These are the original disks, with whatever labels are on them.
    As a set. First come first served.
    If you are in San Diego I’ll arrange a swap with you locally.
    If remote, we can arrange shipping.
    1.44MB unless otherwise noted.
    Copyright years noted so version number might be determined along with what version of Mac it might support.
    GRAVIS Mac Blackhawk Version 1.0 (2 disk)
    ClarisWorks 4.0 (6 disks)
    ClarisWorks Small Business Solutions Pack.
    Correct Grammar For Mac Version 3.0 (2 disks)
    APS PowerTools V 1.3.1
    Mac ally Port Xpander Driver Program (copyright 1995-1997)
    Welltris, Spectrum Holobyte (800K disks, S/N 013045, 2 disks)
    MicroSoft Excel Version 4.0. (800K disks, 7 Disks, copyright 85-92)
    MicroSoft PowerPoint (800K disks, 4 disks, copyright 87-89)
    MicroSoft Mail Version 2.0 (800k?, Copyright 85-89)
    Conflict Catcher 3 (800K 1 disk)
    dantz Retrospect (2 disks, copyright 97)
    Suitcase II, (400K disk, S/N 4200-0103685 Copyright 86)
    Hayden Books - The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh Disk. Contains:
    	Eudora 1.4
    	Fetch 2.1.1
    	InterSLIP 1.0
    	MacTCP 2.2
    	Stuffit Expander 3.03
    	TurboGopher 1.07
    Nova Development - American Handbook of Business Letters (800k?, Copyright 90)
    Aladdin Stuffit Lite (800k?, Copyright 87-92)
    Aladdin Spring Cleaning (Copyright 96)
    Connectix Ram Doubler (800k?, 1.5.1 hand written on disk, copyright 94)
    CTSNET Macintosh Internet Signup 
    Since my Father in law as Mac Only, I had no idea where these came from
    Windows Syquest SCSI installation Diskette 1, copyright 94
    Windows 95 Syquest Installation diskette 2
    DOS/Windows & OS/2 SCSI installation diskette 3

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