Anyone have docs/jumper settings for Tecmar "PC 500K/1MEG FLOPPY CONTROLLER" ISA card ?

Paul Berger phb.hfx at
Sat Nov 9 19:54:48 CST 2019

On 2019-11-09 6:57 p.m., Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> On 11/7/19 4:04 PM, rescue via cctalk wrote:
>> I have one of these, it has 2 jumper blocks, JPR2 (4 3 pin jumper
>> 'settings'... looks to probably latch each of the 4 high or low) and
>> JPR3 (12 on/off jumper positions).
>> It also has a JPR1 which would be a 3 pin header and it is strapped by
> Tecmar made a PC floppy controller that also supported 8" MFM.
> There were jumpers for that, including the 500K data transfer rate.
> Tecmar's 8" MFM format was not the same as the IBM 1.2M, nor the same 
> as "Vista" nor "Maynard".
> I don't remember the cabling.  It may have had a 50 pin dual row 
> header, rather than cabling the 8" from the DC37
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> Grumpy Ol' Fred             cisin at

I have manuals for the Tecmar PC-Mate Floppy 5/8 and also the SASI 
adapter that was part of the PC-Mate system.  Not sure if this is the 
same Tecmar floppy adapter it is a full length 8 bit ISA card with a 50 
pin connector at the rear of the card and two 34 pin edge connectors at 
the top near the back for 5.25 drives. The floppy controller chip on it 
is a UPD 765.

There is also a manual for the Xebec S1410 SASI to ST-406 controller.


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