SpaceWar without needing an EAE for PDP8 /E /F /M /A

Roland roelof_klaas at
Sun Nov 10 05:14:20 CST 2019

Hello everyone,
I've been playing with SpaceWar for my PDP8 Omnibus machines. Since I don'thave the EAE option I've made the LAB8 / AX08 version work on the VC8E.
So now you can run Evan Suits SpaceWar version on an Omnibus machine 
and you don't need an EAE.

And for those who might not have the VC8E graphics boards I've designed74xx clone boards. These are my VC8E (M869 / M855) clone boards:

And this is the DK8E RTC clone (M882) which I'm using.

There are a few more board clones on my GitHub like the RX8E (M8357) for the RX01/RX02
or TA8E (M8331) for the TU60 if anyone would be interested. With the gerber files andpart lists you should be able to make your own boards. They are all 74xx clones sono hard to find DEC chips on it...

I'm not very active on cctech and I guess some people on cctech are maybe not active on vcfed.So I thought it is nice to mention it here too...

Regards, Roland

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