VAX & PDP-11 Stuff To Clean Out

David Coolbear david at
Fri Nov 8 14:12:11 CST 2019

Most of the items are spoken for but I still have the following:

Caminton CMX1651 Memory
M7606-AF KA630 CPU
M7620-AA KA650 CPU
M8067 Memory
M7168 VCB02 Bit Map
M7169 VCB02 Controller
M7608-BP MS630BB 4-Meg Memory
M7608-BP MS630BB 4-Meg Memory
SCD-RQD11/EC ESDI Controller, mainly the VAX stuff. Priority goes to local pickup. I've had all of
these boards working at one time or another but I can't speak to their
current status.

David Coolbear
david at

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