Anyone have docs/jumper settings for Tecmar "PC 500K/1MEG FLOPPY CONTROLLER" ISA card ?

rescue rescue at
Thu Nov 7 18:04:31 CST 2019

I have one of these, it has 2 jumper blocks, JPR2 (4 3 pin jumper 
'settings'... looks to probably latch each of the 4 high or low) and 
JPR3 (12 on/off jumper positions).
It also has a JPR1 which would be a 3 pin header and it is strapped by 
wire to position 1-2.

Would love to figure out how the IO port and IRQs are configured.  Card 
has no BIOS, so unlike a WD1002A-FOX there won't likely be any jumpers 
to set drive type.  (I'm not having much luck with that card in a Tandy 
2500 SX... but that's a completely different issue).

Hopefully someone has or knows where there are some docs on the jumper 

I'd imagine I could figure out some by probing which ISA pins various 
jumpers connect to..... but any jumper settings that control chips for 
decoding logic will be far more difficult to determine.


-- Curt

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