VAX & PDP-11 Stuff To Clean Out

Nigel Johnson nw.johnson at
Wed Nov 6 15:20:54 CST 2019

Are you sure you won't ship the Maxtor ESDI drves?  I have a microvax 2 
here just crying out for them. Unfortunately CA is a five day drive away 
for me!

Nigel ve3id

On 06/11/2019 13:16, David Coolbear via cctech wrote:
> I have the following 5-1/4" Drives that I would like to get rid of. These
> have all been working at one time or another, but I have no idea what
> condition they are in now.
> Maxtor EXT 4330
> Seagate ST4766N
> Hitachi DK516-12
> Maxtor XT-8760E
> Maxtor XT-4170E
> I also have the following QBUS cards to part with.
> Module Number Part# Description Form
> QBUS Extender D
> M7504 DEQNA Ethernet D
> M8043 DLV11 4xSLU D
> M8043 DLV11 4xSLU D
> M7941 DRV11 16 Bit Parallel D
> M8186 KDF11 11/23 CPU D
> M8186 KDF11 11/23 CPU D
> M8189 KDJ11 11/73 CPU D
> M8192-YB KDJ11 11/73 CPU D
> M8192-YB KDJ11 11/73 CPU D
> M8047 MXV11 ROM/RAM D
> M7555 RQDX3 D
> M8029 RXV21 RX02 Controller D
> M7646 TQK50 Tape Controller D
> M8044-DB Memory 16K 32K? D
> M8044-DE Memory 16K 32K? D
> DATARAM 63010 Q
> Camington CMX1651 Memory Q
> M7606-AF KA630 CPU Q
> M7620-AA KA650 CPU Q
> M7620-BA KA650 CPU Q
> M7164 KDA50 SDI Controller Q
> M7165 KDA50 SDI Controller Q
> M5976-AA KZQSA SCSI Controller Q
> M5976-AA KZQSA SCSI Controller Q
> M8067 Memory Q
> M7168 VCB02 Bit Map Q
> M7169 VCB02 Controller Q
> M7608-BP MS630BB 4-Meg Memory Q
> M7608-BP MS630BB 4-Meg Memory Q
> M7957 4xSLU Q
> SCD-RQD11/EC ESDI Controller Q
> All of these are FTAGH, but I wouldn't turn down a trade either. I'd be
> interested in drive sleds for my BA123 or a spare power supply, also for
> the BA123 or I'm always interested in M68K/M6809 stuff. I would prefer
> local pickup near Livermore, CA. I don't believe that the drives are
> shippable.
> Please contact me directly at <david at>


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