Repurposing cable for IBM Model M Keyboard

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The keyboard end of the cord has an RJ12 (6p6c) connector with six pins, and
looking at the plug with the key up, and pin 1 on the left, pin 2 is Data,
pin 3 is Clock, pin 4 is +5v, and pin 5 is ground.

Found on

I tried to access the site listed, and it no longer connects, so I called
the guy. He took it down about 2 years ago because too many people tried to
hack the site.

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I need a keyboard cable for my VAXmate. This uses an SDL connector on one
end and RJ11 on the other. Keyboard cables for the IBM Model M have SDL
connectors at one end and a PS/2 connector at the other. I bought one of
these cables with the intention of replacing the PS/2 connector with an


However, I now have a pang of conscience about hacking around with a
perfectly good cable, particularly if they are uncommon. How common are
these cables?





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