Andromeda disk controller diag/format disk found

Jon Elson elson at
Tue Nov 5 22:27:14 CST 2019

On 11/05/2019 09:24 PM, allison via cctalk wrote:
> On 11/5/19 10:08 PM, Jon Elson via cctalk wrote:
>> On 11/05/2019 12:11 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
>>> it would be good to get it archived.
>>> I can do it if no one else volunteers
>> OK, you're on.  It is a 5.25 " disk in RX50 format, RT-11 file
>> structure, and bootable on both PDP-11 and uVAX-II.
> Really?  I'd like to know how that was done as they are not the same.
> You mean readable not bootable maybe?
I only did this on the uVAX-II, a LONG time ago, like 
1986-88 or so, when I got rid of the MFM disks.
So, my memory ir really faded.  But, I think there was a 
console procedure where you entered a couple
lines of commands to read in certain blocks from the disk 
and then run from some location, and
it would bring up the diag/utility from the floppy.  I'm 
pretty sure the procedure was in the manual,
which I think I sent to the guy who took the Andromeda 


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