TRS-80 Model III and IV parts needed (keycaps, keyboard switch, ribbon cable, floppy drive parts)

rescue rescue at
Tue Nov 5 13:00:05 CST 2019

So, on this Model III I'm working on the following keycaps are missing:

1/! key
right shift key

Looks like keycaps from a Model III, and possibly a model I would work. 
Probably a Model IV keycap for 1/! would work, but I think the right 
shift key would be different between a Model III and Model IV.

I also need one of the ALPS switches as the '+' part of the stem is 
broken off.

In addition, on the drive (Texas Peripherals), there is a plastic 
component that screws onto the aluminum arm with the diskette retaining 
hub with 2 screws.... it then accepts two plastic pins that connect this 
piece to the drive door.  I am missing on of the plastic pins and the 
plastic piece is cracking.
Anyone have any of these parts kicking around.

On a Model III upgraded to a Model IV I have, the ribbon cable to the 
serial/com board has 'self destructed' as the glue failed, so once 
removed it could not be reconnected.  Interestingly the cable for the 
floppy controller did not deteriorate ?????

Sadly on the upgraded Model III someone converted it to 3 drives, using 
an original full height drive for the 1st drive (at the bottom), and put 
2 HH drives in the top bay.  To make room for the eject control on the 
top drive, the upper case has been notched.  It would be nice to find an 
upper case for a Model III and do away with that notch.... or 
alternately an empty Model IV case (top and bottom).

Thanks to anyone with any TRS-80 'parts vault' that may have these 
parts available....  It has been a long time since I have touched a 
Model I/III (last time was probably 1983 :-) ).  Looking forward to 
getting the 3 systems I have up and running (Model I with Expansion, 
Model III, and a Model III upgraded to a Model IV).

Thanks in advance,

-- Curt

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