Free font software

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Mon Nov 4 05:30:57 CST 2019

At 04:30 PM 3/11/2019 -0600, Bob Yates wrote:
>Sorry don't know how to respond directly

There's always the last resort of ctl-C copy and a text editor?


Have you (or anyone here) actually tried Fontforge?
I had a go back in mid 2018, and then it seemed to be semi-abandoned,
full of bugs, poorly documented and possibly unworkable.
Or at least I fell off the 'learning cliff' and couldn't achieve what
I wanted. Admittedly the subject is extremely complicated, so maybe it
was just me and my 60+ year old brain.

Gave up on Fontforge and decided to buy a commercial font utility (with
real manuals) next time I have enough spare cash. (Which hasn't happened yet.)


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