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Tue Dec 31 22:24:03 CST 2019

Hello!  New member to cctalk here.  I am located in Seattle, and in the past have worked for a couple largish companies in the Seattle area you've heard of.

Through the 80s and 90s I had accumulated a fairly sizable collection of classic (and not yet classic) computers.  Mostly this was along two branches of machines - Atari 8 bit computers and 80s-era minicomputers & workstations, including a couple smaller VAXen, a PDP-8 and a large stack of HP9000/300 machines.   Also I had a couple of no-name S-100 machines and a pretty nice one from California Computer Systems.

When I moved from the Midwest following college I had to abandon much of that collection.  In the last several years I have started to reconstitute that collection, at least in the basics.  I'm still looking for a genuine VT100 (or stretch goal - VT278), and in 2020 I'm planning to finally bring up a simulated VAX cluster using Raspberry Pis and SIMH, since original hardware is pretty much impossible to find anymore (and fragile when you can find it).  It's frustrating to be hunting for things I had three or four of at one point...

Happy to be here,
-mike begley
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