One of Bay Area's last Fry's Electronics stores closes

Tom Gardner t.gardner at
Tue Dec 31 12:34:27 CST 2019

Palo Alto Fry’s closing <> .  Sad, but not the end of an era – apparently the loss of lease


I remember visiting an early Fry’s (first?) in Sunnyvale (541 Lakeside Dr?, near Oakmead and around the corner from Shugart Associates where I then worked).  I marveled at the selection of steaks, diet cokes, resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc.  They had partially converted a supermarket into an electronics store but I heard they at first kept the food to keep some cash flow.  I think I bought steaks J  The engineers and technicians at Shugart more than once ran over there to get breadboard parts.



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