Two dead LK201 keyboards

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Fri Dec 27 09:55:53 CST 2019


I'm doing some work with my Pro 380 over the holidays, but have run into a snag because both my LK201 keyboards are dead.  They fail poweron self test -- LEDs stay on and no response to any keypresses.

The odd thing is that the circuit board itself seems ok; I had a spare board that tests fine by itself, so I installed it as a replacement control board on one of those keyboards and now it fails.  So that suggests there's something wrong with the key array that breaks selftest.  

I don't understand that because the documentation says a stuck key would produce a selftest pass along with an indication reporting stuck key.  And while I know LK201 keyboards don't like spilled liquids, one of those keyboards definitely hasn't been abused that way and I don't see signs the other one has, either.  So having both fail the same way is puzzling.

Any ideas?

I'm considering building a PC keyboard LK201 emulation, should be a fairly simple bit of Arduino code. 


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