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Love those old sounds on an AM radio.  One day, I was working on a ham 
project in the CFRB radio engineering workshop in Toronto. It was just 
after Kilobaud magazine had published a program that would play Valda's 
theme (Somewhere My LOve) on an AM radio next to a Motorola MEK6800D2.  
We had toggled it in and were playing with it  when the evening show man 
walked by.

"What's that," said Carl Banas to the station engineer, Paul.

"The guys are playing with computer music," said Paul.

"Get me a cart of it and I will put it on the air," said Carl.

So I phoned all my friends so they could hear our club repeater 
controller prototype play music on a major market radio station!

He played it for a few seconds than faded in to the fully-orchestrated 



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> https://computerhistory.org/blog/jingle-bits-auditory-maintenance-whirlwind-holiday-songs-the-dawn-of-computer-music/ 

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