WTB: wire wrap tools

Joseph Zatarski joezatarski at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 15:15:21 CST 2019

I'm looking to pick up a set of at least some hand tools for wire wrap, 
though I'm interested in wrap guns/bits as well.

I'm specifically looking for hand tools for 26awg wire, as well as 22 
and 24awg. I already have a hand tool for 30awg. Mainly interested in 
tools for .045" square posts rather than the .025" for those sizes of 
wire. These tools were commonly used for telephony wire wrap.

I'm interested in those sizes for wrap guns as well, but additionally 
would be interested in 30awg/.025" post bits as well.

I'm not entirely opposed to 26awg/.025" post, but that seems like a bit 
thick of wire for that size post, IMO.

Feel free to contact me on or off list.

Best Regards,
Joe Zatarski

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