RL02 repair, thoughts on storage

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Sat Dec 21 17:12:56 CST 2019

So I got the third RL02 out of the shed this afternoon and after 
cleaning the outside I brought it in to disassemble and check out. Being 
in an outdoor shed for 15 years is not good for technology, I could see 
debris behind the front panel and just knew that mice had gotten into 
the unit. The question is how far...

Taking it apart gave me some clues. On the positive side there was no 
infestations or dirt/debris/anything past the absolute air filter. As a 
bonus, the filter was very clean and there was no debris past the motor 
air impeller. This is good, and it gives me a clean air filter with 
which to test the other drive to see if the heads will fly (my other 
drive had a 100% clogged filter. I need to take some pics)

Bad news is I can see mouse debris down the four tubes on the intake. It 
looks like they made a little house under the power supply, which is 
where the intake is to the high pressure air system. So I think I'm 
going to be pulling the whole AC/DC power supply out and do a major 
cleaning.... Hopefully they did not chew the wires.

Never dull.

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