Nixdorf computer AG boards rechner 154

Alan Perry aperry at
Fri Dec 20 22:57:18 CST 2019

On 12/20/19 6:36 PM, Jon Elson via cctech wrote:
> On 12/20/2019 02:53 PM, Adrian Stoness via cctech wrote:
>> weird nixdorf is the last name of my boss whos in his 70's engineered 
>> lime
>> plants around north america for what became greymont
> No, Nixdorf was a significant player in the computer business in Europe, 
> especially.
> Wikipedia says they were the 4th largest computer maker in Europe at one 
> time.

Nixdorf was eaten by Siemens 1990 to form Siemens Nixdorf 
Informationssysteme (SNI).

I worked for SNI in Munich in 1991-92 porting SVR4 (branded as SINIX) to 
a new 386-based multiprocessor system they were developing. I heard 
there was a MIPS-based system that used the same chassis under 
development at what had been Nixdorf in Paderborn.


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