Seeking information on the CSTS Timesharing service

jim stephens jwsmail at
Mon Dec 16 19:42:21 CST 2019

Does anyone have any information on Infonet, which was a timesharing 
which CSC put out?  I've got some info that it had a timesharing service 
called CSTS and would like info on that.

I've got info on the original version of the Pick system which IP was 
owned by TRW and was called GIM.  The CSTS Infonet service provided 
access in some way to IGIM, which is in a manual I just obtained.

So I want to know if there is any CSTS manuals or documents (ideally) 
anyone may have.

Secondly it looks like rather than IBM mainframes for timeshare, the 
systems that Infonet shared were Univac 1108s.  So looking for verifying 

Especially if the systems were all Univac was IGIM running on the 1108.

The time frame for the manual is 1974.  GIM dates from 69 to 70 from a 
TRW contract.  Actual product was obviously running in one form in 
1974.  There is information that it ran on PDP 11s as well in another form.

While searching for information with Google, I found some court 
proceedings, including a precedent related to RICO charges on 
individuals in Infonet.  If anyone finds the original indictment, or can 
get to it on pacer, I'd appreciate a copy to read, or send message, I'll 
supply the citation.  A better source like Pacer probably will retrieve 
the original indictment.  I only find a decision which was reversed 
related to the indictment.  I suspect there would be a lot of history in 
the indictment around the 1980 ish timeframe of the indictment about how 
CSC ran Infonet.

Short story on what you will find online a lot of spots is a precedent 
set by the 4th Circuit of Appeals which resolved a technicality about 
whether individuals and corporations were the same WRT charges.  The 
ruling that RICO applied to individuals and not corporations was filed 
by a trial court.  But the appeals court said that the actions if they 
constituted RICO by individuals could be go back on the corporation they 
operated in was the precedent. Obviously not a good one for corporations.


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