Looking for a Motorola Universal Data Systems 212A/D manual

Michael Brutman mbbrutman at brutman.com
Mon Dec 16 12:35:09 CST 2019

I ran across this modem (circa 1982) and saved it, but I have no idea on
how to control it.  Bitsavers doesn't seem to have a manual for it.

It's a big, blue plastic box and it looks wonderful.  There is an array of
8 lights and 6 buttons; the HS button enables 1200 bps operation, otherwise
it is 300 bps.  It echoes characters and responds correctly to
DataTerminalReady not being asserted, so I think that if I can find the
command set it might be functional.

It's a little more primitive than my original Hayes 1200 that I first got
in 1984.  (I'm not expecting a standard command set.)  A picture of it can
be found here:



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