Is IBM RPG classic?

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sun Dec 15 17:11:41 CST 2019

> Is it classic enough to ask about on this list?
Can't say about the list, but rather than classic the usual term
for these systems is legacy.
Or maybe "walking undead".  First sign of the zombie apocalypse?
Can't kill what keeps coming back from the dead.

>> To the people of the microcomputer age, "RPG" appears to refer only 
>> to"role playing games".
>> --Chuck
On Sun, 15 Dec 2019, Will Cooke via cctalk wrote:
> Then there are those of us who, upon hearing "RPG", initially think of 
> something entirely different:

There could be some overlap.  Don't some of the "first person shooter" 
games have RPGs?  Or only BFG?

> Retrograde pyelogram? :)
Had any kidney stones?

Having clarified that we are talking about IBM Report Program generator, 
I have known people who had an outright hatred of RPG.  I can understand 
not having any interest in it, but why the hostility?

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