Is IBM RPG classic?

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> > Is it classic enough to ask about on this list?
> Can't say about the list, but rather than classic the usual term for these systems
> is legacy.
> >
> > A friend of mine finds himself in the awkward position of being asked
> > to take on some RPG programming, but knows nothing about it.
> Like COBOL and Fortan most people  think these languages have completely
> gone away.  Sadly, the only thing that is going away is the body of experience
> writing and maintaining them.

I think another issue is that the employer's expectations of what they need to pay does not match what such programmers want to move.
Many Fortran, Cobol and I guess RPG programmers have moved onto lucrative jobs or are established in a particular area.
I am sure if employers were more realistic and prepared to acknowledge such skills are valuable there would be more programmers.
I guess if they are looking for C , C++ or 	VB programmers you can get some you hopefuls cheap. That’s rather harder for COBOL, Fortran or RPG.
(If any one wants Fortran and is prepared to condone remote working I am available)

> >
> > Can anyone here suggest some good resources for a crash course in RPG?
> > Yes, any web search engine will throw up a lot of hits, but I'm hoping
> > someone here can help select the most useful ones.

One mans perfect course is another nightmare. I would have a look at the resources and see which ones you like....

> I still have a number of RPG books on the bookshelf behind me right now.
> Haven't worked with it in a long time but always liked it when I had the
> opportunity.
> Just out of curiosity, is this on iSeries?
> bill

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