Is IBM RPG classic?

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Sun Dec 15 12:39:15 CST 2019

On 12/15/19 9:40 AM, Guy N. via cctalk wrote:
> Is it classic enough to ask about on this list?


The department of motor vehicle defines "classic" as a vehicle at least 
25 years old.  I strongly suspect that RPG is at least 25 years old.

> A friend of mine finds himself in the awkward position of being asked 
> to take on some RPG programming, but knows nothing about it.

Is this an AS/400 / iSeries / IBM i environment?  That's about the only 
place that I see (any version of) RPG being used.

> Can anyone here suggest some good resources for a crash course in RPG?

I've found the people in the newsgroup to be 
friendly.  Given the AS/400 nature of RPG, I suspect that there are 
multiple people there  which can help.

> Yes, any web search engine will throw up a lot of hits, but I'm hoping 
> someone here can help select the most useful ones.

You will likely have a lot of collisions, with role playing games.  I'd 
suggest that you include "IBM" in the search string.

You can probably find a number of tutorials online and / or books at the 
various second hand for sale sites.

I just fear that there's going to be a LOT more noise to signal for this.

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Grant. . . .
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