Large List of Commodore 64 Games and Software from Sellam's Collection

Sellam Abraham sellam.ismail at
Thu Dec 12 22:23:12 CST 2019

Winter is upon us.  Time to snuggle up in front of your Commodore 64 with
some old timey games and applications, and I've got plenty of them to keep
you busy throughout the holidays.

The complete list is too long to reproduce here, so please go to the
following link, which will take you directly to the Commodore 64 Software
section of my Virtual Warehouse of Computing Wonders:

The disks are untested.  I can test upon demand but then the price will go
up for my time involved.  Otherwise they are sold as is.  They were all
stored under proper conditions, with many of the packages having been
stored in ziplock bags.  Some of the manuals have highlighting in them from
the previous owner but otherwise most everything is in very good to
excellent condition, as indicated for each listing.  Photographs accompany
each listing (the link under the Additional Information column).

Rather than attempt to price these individually, I'll simply take offers on
one, some, many, or all of these titles.  Preference and priority will go
to the larger orders.

Please direct any questions to me directly via e-mail.



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