FTGH - SORD Keyboard

Kevin Parker trash80 at internode.on.net
Tue Dec 10 17:54:21 CST 2019

Was going through a box of stuff someone gave me ages ago in keeping 
with my philosophy of grab first ask questions later.

At the bottom found a SORD keyboard (regrettably not the whole thing) - 
looks like it comes from a M68. Photo:


As this is all I have of a SORD (so I am unable to test it) I figure it 
may be of use to someone else on this list.

(Would appreciate coverage of package and postage from Mortlake Victoria 
Australia 3272 please. Please note that its the size of a keyboard and 
is a little weighty so you'll need to factor that in. Alternatively I 
will be in Melbourne in January 2020 if someone more "local" wants it).

Thank you.

Kevin Parker

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