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Wed Dec 4 19:17:20 CST 2019

>> Many years ago I removed the soldered coin cell from the control board of the Compaq 7000 series and replaced it with a 2032 coin cell holder, worked nicely so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work in this DECivetti monstrosity.
> Well I suppose removing it means unsoldering the two tabs from the motherboard rather than unsoldering the tabs from the cell, so maybe I'll give that a go. Then I could work out what the battery is, get a suitable holder and solder that in.

Yep. I’d never try and fasten tabs to batteries, they’re flash welded rather than soldered. Someone on hackaday reckoned they had a procedure to do it but fitting holders instead is so much easier.

> It would, however, be much more useful if a manual turned up and I could just perform a system reset and get past the password that way!

I wish I could help. I only ever worked on those when they were new.

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